Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Obeying Thy Mother and Thy Father

I am more than EXCITED about this blog! I have given birth to my baby! LOL. I was only pregnant with my child for three months though. Let me give you a little back story. So during Fall 2013, I got really close to God and started seeing people developing their God given purpose. I kept thinking I want to know my purpose! I would pray to God many times asking him that. I remember one day I was sitting at my computer doing school work and I heard God tell me to go read "A Purpose Driven Life". I was like shocked because I had purchased that book for a bible study class that I had never attended once and I had forgotten the book. So I went to my room and started reading the book. It's a 90 day devotional about developing your purpose and its amazing! So I had read the book but I still didn't know my specific purpose. It wasn't until the first or second day of January that God all of a sudden told me that I needed to start a blog or website. I was like appalled why would would God even tell me that, I don't like to write, what would I write, can I really make a difference? So from then on, I would pray to God to help me develop this blog. During that season of my life, I felt lonely. Now, I wasn't technically alone but that how felt. I just felt down and out. It wasn't until about a month ago, that I started to think I should develop this blog. I felt like two things were holding me back. I kept saying I will start it once I get a new computer and school is out. Well, ironically, the Thursday before the blog started. I decided to get on and play around with the template. It wasn't until Friday night, that I started the blog! Who would have known that all I went through was shaping me for this?? Nobody but God! This is just evidence that we need to trust God! Proverbs 3:5 states to Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. God had to develop me first before he could give me my assignment. Just like a child may ask his or her parents to do something, the parents are the ones that decide whats best for him or her. Had God given me my purpose last Fall, I would not had been ready for it. So remember we all have PURPOSE that God has assigned us with. He just needs to develop us and we need to OBEY him. Had I not obeyed God and read "A Purpose Driven Life", I might not be here writing this blog. Just like our earthly parents guide us, God is our HEAVENLY parents, who a steps aligned to guide us to our purpose. Those steps may feel uncomfortable to us but God has our hands on us! He is always with us!

Be Blessed:)

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