Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Don't We All Wish We Had A Crystal Ball?

Hello! It has been a while since my last blog but I am back! A lot has changed too! So I was inspired to write this blog because I was in nursing school but it just didn't feel like it was right for me! I literally had to push myself to study-I found it so boring. So I began thinking what would be my alternative! I had actually fell into this situation back when I wrote the first blog about faith! Anyway, I began taking career inventory and interest test to figure out what would be a good major. I was praying to God so hard during this time! I don't think I have ever cried to God asking him to show me something this hard before! After careful deliberation, I chose elementary education! Now here is how the "crystal ball" comes into play. Growing up at the age of five, I wanted to be teacher! My whole family and I remembers me teaching my stuffed animals! Well, I can remember telling my dad and him telling me that teachers make nothing. As a child, you are easily influenced and I was! Then a few years went by and I would always say I was going to be a doctor when someone asked me what I wanted to be. Fast forward to my senior year, I prayed to God about what I should major in and I chose nursing. So I started college and up to a month ago, my life was nursing! When I officially changed my major, I felt so good! Like I was a new person! I kept thinking now wouldn't my life had been a WHOLE lot easier had God shown me elementary education when I asked him! I kept thinking about how all the time and money was wasted during these three years! But I do realize that God had a plan for me. Had it not been for some of those struggles with nursing, I would probably not have the relationship I have with God! 2 Samuel 24:14 states "But it would be better to be punished by God then by anyone else because he is merciful". I don't deserve any of the blessings but God's grace kept me! God is the author of our lives so there should be no need to question him! There was probably a reason why he didn't reveal education to me. Remember God's timing is better than our own timing. Be blessed :)

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