Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Purity Prayer Challenge Day 16

Hello ladies! So today will be a little different! Yesterday, I was reflecting on society's obsession with sex and if you are still a virgins, people think it's weird! I decided to write a letter to society. Dear Society, I was thinking how YOU love sex! Young girls are taught at a young age to reveal their bodies to look sexier! Sixth graders are now discussing sexual positions! Oh my, look at what you've done, Society! Yes, Society, we do attend church to forgive our sins! There is one exception! SEX! Ninth graders start getting into "serious" relationships and parents pushed them into having sex! Oh that's just the norm, they say! Once in high school, its now a competition who can sleep with the most boys. Girls leave high school with broken hearts and a promiscuous past! Oh, I forgot, they might just get the best prize--a newborn baby left to raise alone. What does Society have to say? Society may be all upset because it happened but do they do anything to prevent it?? So girls move on to college. We sometimes are still dating our high school love or have moved on to "older boys". Girls get sold dreams of "I love you and we can get married" only to have them washed away by bringing a child into this world ALONE. Girls ask, "How could do this happen?" There is only one explanation-PRE-MARITAL SEX! It doesn't stop there! Grown woman are still not sick of having sex! By now, "hookups or late night booty calls" are the norm! So by now a woman gets married and her husband has to deal with all those emotions and past of having all of that pre-marital sex! Some people might call me a fool for writing this! I don't think I'm a fool at all! I know my God has reserved my husband and I will wait forever for Him! If I can prevent a broken heart, STDs, raising a child alone, and all of that lust, I will play the fool forever :) Yours Truly, Caitlin, God's Child Dear God, Help us single ladies to holdout for your best! Give us strength! Help us to not pay attention to Society! We only want to glorify you! We love you! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

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