Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Purity Prayer Challenge Day 2

Hello ladies! Welcome to Day 2! For us to remain pure, we need to have clean minds. Have you ever heard of the saying "Get your mind out the gutter"? Well when our minds are cluttered, our judgment is cloudy. In Proverbs 4:23 the Bible states, "guard your heart for above all else the issues of life come from the heart". This verse is saying whatever a person does or sees will get into our hearts. The two easiest influences are music and television. Now you are probably saying to yourself, "These TV shows I watch cannot possibly influencing me!" Trust me! They do! I USE to be a TV junkie before God convicted me! I know these days we have all these reality shows and drama series like Being Mary Jane, Scandal, Hit The Floor, Love & Hip-Hop and etc. Yes, these shows are entertaining but are they teaching abstinence? NO, they are not lol. All of these shows I just listed have one thing in common-premarital sex and adultery. I understand that some of the hot steamy sex scenes may make you want to call up your boo and invite him over, but get out your Bible and read it instead! In all seriousness, if you feel like these shows are making you have impure thoughts, do a fast for a week! Now lets move on to the music influences. Pretty much all the Hip-Hop and R&B songs are about sex! Now while you are at the club getting your dance on with whomever, your mind is processing those lyrics and emotions to that song! These Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Drake, etc. songs are not glorifying God and not appreciative of women at all. Again if you find that music is your problem, go on a fast! Prayer: Dear God, Clean our hearts! Search our hearts and rid everything that is not glorifying You! Discipline us God so that we can turn away from negative television shows or music that is hindering our purity! Lead us in a direction that You have for us towards music and television! In Jesus name we pray amen.

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