Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Growth Spurts!

Hello ladies! So summer vacation is coming to an end and everyone is starting back school or work. I can remember when I would start a new school year some of my classmates would look different or even act different. Just today at church, I noticed a little girl had gotten so tall! She had a growth spurt! I have had my own growth spurt! My flesh has died and a new Caitlin has come alive! This wasn't just a summer growth spurt; this change occurred over a year! This time last year, I had just discovered Pinky Promise and developed a true relationship with Christ! I was even getting excited about meeting my Pinky Promise sisters for the first time! During last Fall, I read "A Purpose Driven" by Rick Warren and discovered my that I had greater purpose for my life than what I expected! I also became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha! lol. I really began to realize that I had to put God first in my life! I would wake up at 5:00 am to spend time with God! I can even remember on New Years Eve, I was too excited to go to church! Yeah, I could have been hanging out with my friends or at the club, but I felt it was imperative for me to bring in the New Year at church! I remember journaling to God telling him that I felt like 2014 was about to be a supernatural year! God had some important things in store for me! Ladies, the SECOND day of the new year God revealed to me that I needed to start a blog! I had been praying since like September about my purpose! I was blown away and surprised! I was like, "I don't know how to blog or even what to say". That's clearly not the problem now! lol. I continued to grow in Christ and he got me through some tough times because nursing school was no joke! I, then began to have my flesh die. I remember some of my friends would get me to drink and I just didn't feel comfortable being around them. Also, God convicted my heart to stop watching Love & Hip-hop. He also led me to my new major-elementary education :). He also got me through a period of loneliness that I didn't understand! I remember during spring break, I stayed home to study for a big test. It was the best week ever because I hadn't been spending time with God but during that week, I spent all the time with Him! There's nothing like being in His presence! Fast forward to June, I remember talking to a Pinky Promise sister and she suggest declaring whatever you wanted God to bless you with. So I decided to declare June as the month of supernatural events or expectation! I had been praying for a job and not long after that, I got hired somewhere! I also got a scholarship that I wasn't expecting! Then, in the middle of June, I felt myself dealing with lusty thoughts and I was determined to shut them down! That Sunday, I was watching a church service and all of sudden God laid on my heart to do a purity prayer challenge! I was like, "Hold up, God. That is a lot!". I still obeyed Him. It was such a blessing! Last week, God told me to go on a social media fast and at first, I was a little apprehensive but I finally did it. This is not my first social media fast but this has been the best one! In addition to fasting from social media, I have fasted from secular music and TV this week. I'm starting to think this is not a fast but a life-changing journey! Today, God gave me a vision for a girls ministry that I have been wanting to start! This is only the beginning! I can honestly say the old Caitlin is gone and there is a new Caitlin starting!

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