Like What You See?

Like What You See?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Season of Preparation

Hello ladies and gents! So for the a few weeks now, God has placed on my heart is the word preparation. He also placed on my heart the word foundation. I had been trying to found out what God was trying to tell me but it wasn’t until last Friday that God revealed to me the meaning of those word. Friday night I was trying to get ready for a girls ministry tea that I had been working on since December. I was feeling a bit anxious and my allergies were bothering me. This caused me kind of snap at my mom, who was taking her precious time to help me out. My mom then told me that no boy is going to tolerate a nagging, complaining girlfriend. Then, I received a conviction from God that I can’t expect to submit and serve my future husband with a great attitude when I cannot do that with the people in my lives now! Also, my mom had told me that my room is messy and that I needed to be neater. I’m thinking it’s my room and it’s okay to not be so neat. Loll well, one of my goals as a future wife is to be super clean. Again, how can I expect to be that super clean wife then, when I don’t like to clean now? So many of us, including myself, tend to think of the next season of our life without thinking of how we can utilize this current season we are in. In the Bible, things did not just happen overnight. In Matthew 25:1-46, God discusses how the Kingdom of Heaven and bridesmaids. Ten bridesmaids took their lamps to meet the bridegroom but only five of them put oil in their lamps. The other five were so anxious to get to the bridegroom that they didn’t think to prepare their lamps. Preparation is important! My parents used to always tell me a person doesn’t wake up and decide to be a doctor. A person prepares to go to medical school. Also, having a solid foundation is important. When our foundation is in Christ, nothing can be shaken. If your job is has a foundation based on deceit and treachery, then I’m sure you won’t be staying at that job soon. So ladies and gents, stop worrying if this season or when that season that you want will come! Examine your heart and see what do you need to improve in so that you will be ready for that season in your life. For example, I am preparing for that season when God blesses me with future husband. Earlier I had mentioned that I need to be neater, so I have added an app on my phone that reminds me of daily chores I need to do. Focus on now so you can enjoy later :) Be blessed!

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